Welcome to my webpage!

I am a PhD candidate in the Entrepreneurship area at INSEAD. I am on the 2021/2022 job market. My research interests include entrepreneurship, culture and diversity, and computational social science. I apply natural language processing and machine learning to develop and enrich knowledge on organizations.

In my dissertation, I develop and test theories on cultural transmission and recombination for startups. First, I investigate the cultural transmission from parent organizations to new ventures. Specifically, I examine whether and when founders transfer the culture of their previous employers (i.e., cultural legacy) to new ventures. Second, I explore whether diversity in cultural legacies enables startup teams to foster a novel organizational culture through the recombination of cultural legacies. Third, I investigate whether fostering a novel culture is beneficial for the performance of startups.

My dissertation has been recognized with the Best Paper and Runner-up for the Best Student Paper Award of the 2021 Academy of Management OMT Division, and the Winner of the Best PhD Conference Paper Prize and Finalist of the Best Research Methods Paper Prize from the 2021 Strategic Management Society Annual Meeting.

I can be reached at yeonsin.ahn@insead.edu