Ahn Y and HR Greve. Intrafirm Cultural Cliques and Strife: Connecting Positive and Negative Sentiment. Data analysis & writing a draft

  • We argue and find that cliques in intrafirm cultural networks of employees where employees share positive vs. negative sentiments have different effects on overall employee satisfaction and new product development. To measure two forms of cultural cliques, we apply bidirectional encoder representations from transformers (BERT), which is the state of the art of language model for NLP.

Shipilov AV, Y Ahn, HR Greve, and TJ Rowley. Does Governance Matter? The Impact of Board Reform Practices on Firm Performance. Preparing submission

  • We explore how diverse corporate governance practices are consequential to organizational performance outcomes. To do so, we apply random forest models and LASSO regressions to detect patterns in data, and these patterns are used as inputs to abductive reasoning for developing theories.

Ahn Y and F Godart. Cultural Brokers in Unsettled Times: Evidence From Covid 19. Data analysis

Ahn Y and XR Luo. Glass-ceiling and Gender Gap in Growth-oriented Entrepreneurship Across Countries. Preparing resubmission

Ahn Y. Has Promoting Entrepreneurship Paved the Way for Minorities’ Status Enhancement? Working paper