2021 Academy of Management Paper Symposium “Culture Clash in Organizations”

  • Co-organizer and Presenter
  • Participants: Sujin Jang, Anjali Bhatt, Amir Goldberg, Henrich Greve, Hayagreeva Rao, Paul Vicinanza (co-organizer), Gino Cattani (Discussant), and myself

2021 Academy of Management Paper Symposium “The Strength of Weak Firms: New Venture Organizing Flexibility”

  • Organizer and Presenter
  • Participants: Sarath Balachandran, Danny Kim, Emily Cox Pahnke, Rem Koning, Henrich Greve (Discussant), and myself

Teaching Assistant

  • 2021 Computational Organizational Sciences (PhD) TA, Professors: Chiara Spina and Henrich Greve (scheduled)
  • 2021 Special Topics in Management (PhD) TA, Professors: Henrich Greve and Sujin Jang
  • 2020 Social Theory (PhD) TA, Professor: Henrich Greve
  • 2018, 2019 INSEAD MBA Capstone TA, Professors: Rose Luo and Phil Anderson